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What is it?

Bromidrosis is bad smelling sweat, which occurs in the armpits or feet. The smell is the result of the degradation of the sweat by bacteria present in these regions.

Characteristics and symptoms

The clinical manifestation is the fetid smell exhaled by these regions of the body after situations that cause sweating. On the feet, the condition may be accompanied by maceration (moist skin with whitish color) or scaling.


To avoid bromidrosis, the guidelines below should be followed:

  • Wash the affected areas with antiseptic soap, lathering well
  • Dry skin well after bathing, especially between the toes
  • Change clothes and socks daily
  • Avoid the use of synthetic fabrics, giving preference to cotton
  • Prefer open footwear
  • Put the shoes in the sun and keep them clean and dry
  • Avoid leaving the skin humid for a long time
  • Use antibacterial deodorants

Treatment aims to reduce the bacterial population in the affected sites and thus control their actions on the sweat secretion. It can be done with the use of products in the form of powders, sprays or creams containing antibiotics and other substances that hinder the growth of bacteria.

In case of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) anti-perspirants should be associated. To indicate the most suitable product, you should seek a dermatologist.

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