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Digital mucous cyst

What is it?

Digital mucous cyst, also known as myxoid cyst, is formed by a degenerative change of the connective tissue of the skin, that causes an overproduction of hyaluronic acid, forming a cystic lesion. The cause is unknown, but is admitted the possibility of being due to a local injury.

Characteristics and symptoms

The disease is characterized by a nodular, cystic lesion, translucent in appearance, which gradually increases in size and is frequently located in the last phalanx of the fingers or toes. When located closer to the nail matrix, the lesion may cause changes in the nail, as a longitudinal depression.


Treatment consists of drainage and destruction of the bed of the cyst or surgical excision. An alternative technique consists in the cyst transfixation with surgical sutures, which are left for 2-3 weeks, causing the involution of the cyst (below). Due to the risks of infection, this technique requires special care and should be performed only by skilled professionals.

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