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What is it?

It is an infection caused by the bacteria Calymmatobacterium granulomatis that affects the skin and mucosal regions of the genitalia, groin and anus. Causes the formation of ulcers (sores) and destruction of the skin.

The disease is transmitted by direct contact with wounds or sores during sex with an infected person.

Characteristics and symptoms

The disease causes the appearance of bumps and bright red sores that bleed easily, most often located in the genital, inguinal and perianal areas. More rarely, lesions may be located in the oral region. General symptoms are rare.

After contamination, arises a small lesion in the genital area that slowly evolve to form an ulcer (sore), a lump or a red vegetative lesion (aspect of cauliflower) which progressively damages the skin around them and increases in size. The edges of the wound are irregular, elevated and hardened.


To prevent contamination, it is necessary the use of condons in any sexual intercourse, whether vaginal, oral or anal sex. However, prevention is effective only if the infected area is covered or protected by condoms. If there is a contact with an open wound, the donovanosis can be transmitted.

Treatment is done with antibiotics that must be given by the physician. After completing treatment, the patient should return to the doctor to make sure that all the wounds healed and the infection is completely cured.

One must avoid sexual contact until treatment is finished and all symptoms have disappeared. People who have had sexual intercourse in the last 60 days with an infected person should seek medical checkup and treatment.

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