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Dyshidrosis, pompholyx

What is it?

Disease of unknown cause probably due to sweat retention between cells of the epidermis (outermost layer of skin). Climate changes and emotional stress have been reported as probable triggering phenomena.

Characteristics and symptoms

The disease affects the hands and feet, starting with itching and hard vesicles (very small blisters). It primarily affects the side of the fingers, palms and soles. The itch can be intense and scratching breaks the vesicles that eliminate a transparent liquid.

The situation occurs in outbreaks that are repeated and last one to two weeks, with the drying of the blisters and peeling of the affected skin. The lesions may occur in small numbers but, in some cases, they affect the entire surface of the hands or feet.

Conditions with similar symptoms can be caused by fungal infections or allergic processes like contact dermatitis or drug allergy. In these cases, lesions tend to disappear after eliminating their cause.


Treatment is done with topical medications that help to relieve itching, prevent secondary infections and accelerate the natural evolution process. It should be indicated by a dermatologist according to each case.

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