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Eczema nummular

What is it?

Disease of unknown cause that affects mainly adults and elderly and is associated with excessive dryness of the skin, atopy (asthma, rhinitis, atopic dermatitis...) and bacterial infections.

Characteristics and symptoms

Typical features of nummular eczema are the formation of rounded lesions (nummular means coin format), reddish, with vesicles (small blisters) and subsequent formation of crusts. Is accompanied by itching and mainly affects the legs, forearms, back of hands and feet.

With the growth of the lesions, the skin in their center tends to heal and they can earn an annular (ring) respect.

The disease tends to be chronic (long course) with outbreaks, and may form new lesions or reactivate healed lesions, especially if treatment is discontinued prematurely.


Treatment of nummular eczema is initially to control the dryness of the skin, and one should avoid hot baths and excessive use of soap. The skin should be always well hydrated with moisturisers after bathing.

Lesions can be treated with corticosteroid and antibiotics creams and ointments. It may be necessary concomitant use of oral medication. Proper treatment depends on each case and should be indicated by a dermatologist.

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