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Ephelides, freckles

What is it?

Freckles are spots formed by increased melanin production (pigment that gives color to the skin). There is a familial tendency and lesions are found primarily in people with light skin and redheads. They are caused by the exposure of skin to the sun and tend to darken over the summer.

Characteristics and symptoms

Lesions are located mainly in the skin sites most affected by sunburn, as the face, shoulders and neck. Spots have round or geometric shape, with colors that go from light to dark brown.


Avoiding sun exposure tend to lighten freckles gradually. However, treatment accelerates its clearance.

It includes the use of sunscreens whenever there is skin exposure to sunlight and the use of depigmenting substances associated with some types of acids. Superficial peels can accelerate the process. Treatment should be oriented according to each case by a dermatologist.

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