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Granuloma pyogenic

What is it?

Pyogenic granuloma is a proliferation of blood vessels that form a tumor secondary to trauma, such as ingrown nails.

Characteristics and symptoms

Often located in the fingers, the pyogenic granuloma is characterized by a tumor, reddish, moist and of soft consistency, that bleeds easily with minor trauma.

Its growth is quick and bleeding can lead to the formation of black crusts on the wound. Usually is accompanied by local inflammation, with pain, redness and swelling in the skin around the lesion.


Treatment depends on the size of the lesion. Small lesions can be treated by chemical cauterization. Larger lesions should be treated by electrocoagulation, after local anesthesia.

In the cases in which ingrown nails are the triggering factor of the granuloma, these should be treated. The placement of a thin wad of cotton to create a protection barrier between the nail and the granuloma can help in simple cases. More severe cases may require surgery to the correction of the ingrown nail.

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