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What is it?

Genetic disease (genodermatosis) whose main characteristic is dry and flaking skin.

Characteristics and symptoms

The manifestations usually appear after birth, usually in the first year of life. It may arise with only skin dryness and flaking, which may be mild or intense, forming large scales, with geometric aspect.

The areas most affected are the limbs but it can also reach the face and scalp. The palms and soles may be thickened (hyperkeratosis), with an enhancement of the grooves. The areas of skin fold (knees, elbows...) are usually spared. There may be the formation of follicular keratosis (thickening points in the openings of hair follicles) in some regions.

The disease tends to regress or reduce symptoms over the years.


Being a genetic disease, there is no treatment to achieve cure. The goal is to combat skin dryness. Intense cold is harmful and should be avoided. Baths should be warm and excessive use of soap should be avoided.

Potent moisturizers should be used right after bathing, to retain skin moisture.

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