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Keratosis pilaris

What is it?

Frequent manifestation due to a change in the last layer of skin which occludes the openings of hair follicles. Usually appears in childhood and there is a familial tendency. The cause is genetic, but the habit of tight clothing may aggravate the condition.

Characteristics and symptoms

The areas most often affected are the outside of the arms (mostly) and thighs. The disease is manifested by the formation of hard bumps into the pores' openings, leaving the skin rough. The "plugs" causes the retention of sebaceous secretion that can provoke acneiform (like pimples) lesions that may leave dark spots.


There is no way to definitely cure the disease, but the use of local medications can control the condition. They should be used continuously, even after getting better, to maintain the result.

One should avoid the use of tight clothing, synthetic fabrics and oily products in the affected areas.

The dark spots tend to improve with disease control and may be achieved faster with the use of depigmenting medication indicated by a dermatologist.

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