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What is it?

Miliaria is presented as a rash related to sweat glands. It mainly affects children but can also reach adults.

The condition is related to the increase of heat and sweat production, which pours into the skin before reaching the surface, causing an inflammatory process.

Characteristics and symptoms

The most common affected sites are the trunk and neck. Miliaria is characterized by reddish smal dots or vesicles (small blisters) on the skin. In some cases, it may form more exuberant lesions (photo below). The lesions are usually accompanied by itching.

Due to itching, signs of scratches and tiny crusts may be seen, consequent to the rupture of blisters by scratching.

It is common the occurrence of secondary infection, forming pustules or inflammatory nodules.


To prevent miliaria chidren should use fresh clothes, take cold baths and avoid heat, preventing the excessive sweating. Air conditioning is a major ally in combating the disease during hot weather.

The use of a lot of clothes on young children, especially in newborns, a common habit among concerned and protective mothers, should be avoided.

The treatment of miliaria and of secondary infections that may accompany the disease should be determined by a dermatologist, according to each case.

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