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Parapsoriasis en plaques

What is it?

Disease of unknown cause which form skin lesions with few symptoms, but presents a long duration and is refractory to treatment. According to the manifestations of the disease, parapsoriasis is divided into small plaques and large plaques.

Some authors consider parapsoriasis an early stage of mycosis fungoides, a form of lymphoma, and that it may develop into it after a few years.

Characteristics and symptoms

The lesions affect mainly the trunk, thighs and arms, have a reddish color and scales on its surface. They are usually asymptomatic, but can occur discreet pruritus (itching).

In parapsoriasis of small plaques, the lesions have less than 2 inches in diameter, are pink, reddish or purple and with well defined limits. May be a little elevated and arise in varied number.

In parapsoriasis of large plaques, the lesions get larger than 2 inches and the color varies from pink to brown. They are flat and covered with fine scales. This is the form that is more likely to progress into mycosis fungoides, which should be suspected if the plaques begin to become elevated.


Treatment depends on each case and there is not a drug that definitely eliminates the disease, which must be kept under control. Topical and systemic corticosteroids may be used. PUVA therapy may also be used, which involves exposure to ultra-violet radiation associated with drugs that improves its absorption.

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