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What is it?

Pseudofolliculitis is a disease more common in dark-skinned people and caused by the characteristic curved hairs that, when growing, curve down and penetrate the skin, causing an inflammatory reaction known as pseudofolliculitis. The main cause is the act of shaving or waxing.

Characteristics and symptoms

The mainly affected areas in men are the beard area in the neck and the nape. In females, the groin. In these locations, because they are areas of skin folds, some hairs are born in an oblique way, which facilitates its ingrowing.

When growing, hairs penetrate the skin forming red and inflammatory lesions, often hardened, and frequently with pus, due to bacterial contamination. Some even form true cysts, whose content is the hair that grows continuously to its interior.


It is recommended to manually lift each hair with an sterile needle, placing it beneath the curved hair and pulling it up.

Shaving should be done always very gently and one should avoid shaving against the direction of hair growth. In cases with inflammation, the dermatologist may indicate an appropriate medication, usually with antibiotics.

One way to avoid ingrown hairs is to let them long. When hairs are long, they loose the strength to penetrate the skin. Another option is hair removal with laser or intense pulsed light.

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